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In God’s Image: Connecting with God in the Physical

Friends University 2100 Univsersity Ave, Wichita, KS

The Apprentice Gathering is a three day conference for individuals desiring a deeper relationship with God. Join me on Friday afternoon for a workshop where we'll connect with God in the physical.

Life and Career Balance: Faith Based Coaching Panel Discussion

Kansas City Convention Center

Life and Career Balance for soccer coaches: Join coaches Kara Lail (South Carolina International), Lang Wedemeyer (Liberty University) and myself as we share the challenges and opportunities we have found in seeking a healthy balance between Life and Career, while staying true to our faith. 

Avoiding Overtraining Injuries in Female High School Athletes

Kansas City Convention Center

Let's talk overtraining injuries in our female high school soccer players and how good coaches can train players to prevent them. Warning: it's not gonna be easy, but it'll definitely be worth it.

Health and Fitness Activities: Boomer Busting — Fit for Life

McLeod Tyler Wellness Center Studio A, 240 Gooch Drive, Williamsburg, VA

Come on you Boomers and not-yet-Boomers and let's have fun with simple movements designed for all ages and abilities to help maintain and improve strength, flexibility and balance as we age gracefully!