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Speaker/Keynote (popular topics)

  • Healthy Living, the Made to Move Way
  • A Fit Mind, Body and Soul for Adult
  • A Fit Mind, Body and Soul for Teens
  • A fit Mind, Body and Soul for Kids
  • The Body You’re In
  • Divine Design
  • The Great Physician’s Prescription
  • What is Fitness, Anyway?
  • Your Fitness Personality
  • A Tangible God: The Reason I’m Me and You’re You

Workshops (popular activities)

  • The Made to Move Primer
  • Healthy and Whole: a Health Wheel Balance
  • Moving Meditations
  • Spiritual Writing/Journaling
  • The Body Fit and Fed: Nourishing our Body and Soul
  • Body Building for a Life of Abundance
  • This is My Body
  • Hearts that Speak to Our Souls
  • Health is Habit-forming


  • The Body of Christ Has Moving Parts
  • Made to Move Weekend
  • Listening to Your Body
  • Knowing and Loving God through Our Bodies
  • Heart, Soul, Mind, Strength, Self and Neighbor
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Don’t be afraid to get physical. All these people did! 

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Invite Wendy to come speak to your group or host an interactive Made to Move session.

    Bring Wendy in to host a Made to Move workshop with your group or during your event. All ages and all abilities are welcomed!

      Take time to embrace the Made to Move method in an extended session or retreat setting.  Let the Spirit facilitate what the mind and body are trying to say to you.