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Made To Move

Knowing and loving God through our bodies
Jesus affirmed that the greatest purpose of our lives is to love God. But how do we express love to a God we can’t see or touch?

Each of us has a body, and our bodies and senses provide ways for us to know and love God. Author Wendy LeBolt writes, “We are made to move in God’s direction, by God’s initiative, and at God’s pace. Our bodies will speak to us if we listen. Our bodies will teach us if we pay attention.”

Made to Move is a 6-week daily devotional book designed to help you experience God through your body and senses. The scripture meditations, activities, reflection questions, and prayers remind us that God gave every person a unique body that is wonderfully made. This creative resource invites us to put our love for God in motion by incorporating all of our senses as well as our imagination.

Made to Move can be used by individuals and groups, including intergenerational groups. Includes a Leader’s Guide.

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Keeping your soccer players in the game
Dr. LeBolt’s book introduces the method behind Fit2Finish training and shows you how to bring safe, fun, high performance fitness to your youth soccer players:

  • Improve their fitness.
  • Protect them from injury.
  • Speed recovery.
  • Help them stay healthy.
  • Challenge them to achieve peak performance.

Do all of this by incorporating the Fit2Finish principles into drills and games you are already running in your practices. No extra time is needed for conditioning or fitness!

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